Parking and Security

This  week, Managing Agents LIV Group provided updates on the issues that residents reported were their greatest concerns – parking and security.


There remains a long-term plan to create car parking for commercial tenants on the waste ground on the opposite side of the canal basin. LIV Group have no indication yet when this is likely to be constructed, or whether spaces will be made available for residents of Hebble Wharf

The Association has asked LIV Group to clarify the status of the area outside the front door of Hebble Wharf, which is not allocated to any of the commercial users. This area is not designated as a car parking area, but as an area for emergency vehicle access and for deliveries.  The area has not been constructed to the same standard as the remaining car park spaces and there has been damage to the block paving suggesting it is unsuited to continual use by vehicles.  LIV have cautioned that any request for designation of parking spaces there could result in the existing “unofficial” spaces being lost and “No Parking” signs being erected.

Once the Residents & Owners Association is formally recognised, we will work with LIV Group to develop a proposal to the commercial landlords in adjacent buildings to seek designation of certain bays for residents use out of office hours (ie 6pm to 8am). The Association’s primary focus is to provide for visitor parking, especially overnight and at weekends.

Building Security and CCTV

Existing CCTV coverage of the Waterfront development is now operational and cameras pan across all parts of the estate, including external areas around Hebble Wharf. Data is recorded and held for 28 days. The Association has asked that CCTV coverage be extended to include, as a minimum, the vehicle entrance, fire door and the main entrance lobby on the ground floor.

3 thoughts on “Parking and Security

  1. Thankyou for that important information John. Your efforts on our behalf are much appreciated. Ann Lea and David Lumb

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