What’s happening around Hebble Wharf

Wakefield Waterfront Management Company has recently informed us of some work that will be taking place in the spaces and buildings around Hebble Wharf.

Over the coming 2-3 weeks (subject to final confirmation) the grey site office/cabin at the entrance to Navigation Walk – otherwise known as “The Management Suite” –  will be removed. This is part of the plan to give back this area of land now the first phase of the Councils sale of Rutland Mills, adjacent to the site, has been completed

The services in this cabin are being relocated and while no disruption is expected when work starts, the external CCTV cameras will be temporarily out of order. This is due to having to re-cable and re-locate the system into Waterfront Wakefield’s offices at Spectrum Health.

Moving forward, it will be Waterfront Wakefield Management Company who manage and oversee the CCTV system, ensuring the same legislative control and management of it is in place that they use for their own internal CCTV systems, to ensure compliance with GDPR legislation. That includes who and how data is accessed, images viewed, saved and or copied

There may also be a temporary outage of the street lights on site.

Some may have noticed that recent remedial works were undertaken, replacing spent bulbs, reinstating supply to the wall lights by the lock and replacing the vandalised bollards near the lock end. The remaining street light repair will be completed once the flood barrier has been repaired in the coming months

Further updates on matters relating to the site will be issued once services have been restored after the cabin’s removal.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening around Hebble Wharf

  1. Same John who used to work for BCC? If so, how are you! Thought you moved to Vancouver?
    Julie Jackson (Mills) – used to work for WDC.


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