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Reporting a Problem

Since Hebble Wharf  is not regularly patrolled by LIV Group staff,  residents are encouraged to report problems or faults in common areas either to LIV Group or via this website.  Problems reported to the Association will be forwarded automatically to the administrators of this website and to LIV Group for attention.

This form should only be used to report problems in the common areas of the building, not in your own apartment.  If you rent your apartment, you should report any problems in your apartment to your landlord or letting agent.

If you need to attach a photograph to your report, please submit your report by email to


Contacting the Association 

Contact the Management Committee by email  at

Your committee members

Chair                  Norah Keany-Corr                          email :   

Vice-Chair         Imran Chouglay                            

Secretary            John Hodgkins                                 email :

Treasurer         Andrew Wright