The lease contains various covenants and regulations that apply to all leaseholders, residents and tenants in respect of the use and care of the apartments and communal areas, which are:

  • Intended to enable residents to co-exist with their neighbours as comfortably, safely and harmoniously as practicable
  • Intended to maintain the integrity and general upkeep of the apartments, the building and amenity areas
  • Enforceable by the landlord

The Block Landlord and Managing Agent may at any time impose and vary reasonable regulations in the interests of good building management.

The following are some of the obligations that are designed to help achieve these objectives and which all residents need to be aware of and are required to observe. These obligations apply equally to leaseholders who live in their apartment and to leaseholders who sub-let their apartment to tenants.

Leaseholders’ responsibilities

1. To ensure that the apartment is only used as a private residence

2. To ensure that no mats, rugs or other articles are shaken or beaten outside the apartment or on any balcony

3. To ensure that no petrol, oil or other combustible, dangerous or offensive substances are kept within the apartment unless it is necessary in connection with the reasonable occupation of the apartment

4. To ensure that nothing is brought into the apartment which may cause damage or disturbance, danger or annoyance to the landlord or the owners, tenants or occupiers of the nearby premises

5. Not to allow any auction to be held in the apartment

6. Not to allow the apartment or any communal areas to be used for any illegal or immoral purpose or for any trade, business or occupation

8. Not to allow anything to be brought or kept in the apartment which in the opinion of the Block Landlord is, or may become unclean, unsightly or detrimental to the apartment or to the building

9. Not to allow anything to be fixed or exhibited on any part of the exterior of the apartment so as to be visible from the exterior (including any placard, poster, signage or other advertisement) unless previously approved in writing by the Landlord

10. To ensure that no machinery is installed in the apartment other than ordinary domestic appliances, and to ensure that no part of the ceiling of the apartment is used in such a manner as to subject it to any strain beyond that which it is designed to bear nor likewise to overload any floor area of the apartment

11. Not to allow any dog or other animal or reptile to be kept in the apartment (other than small caged domestic animals or fish in a fish tank) except with the prior written consent of the Block Landlord which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The Landlord reserves the right to revoke that permission and to remove such dog, other animal or reptile upon the revocation or withdrawal of such consent.

Leaseholders who live in their apartment are also responsible for ensuring that they comply with any Residents’ Responsibilities. Any leaseholder subletting their apartment is also responsible for ensuring that their tenants are aware of, and comply with, the Residents’ Responsibilities.