Staying safe at Hebble Wharf


Our Managing Agents, Plymouth Block Management now have 100% of staff working from home but can be contacted as usual by telephone or by email as both systems are fully operational and all staff have access to both from home. They are operating their normal working hours of 9:15am – 5:00pm and both the property management team and accounts team are available to engage with you as needed.

Post to their office – which is now officially closed – will be collected on Tuesday and Thursday mornings ONLY – anything to sent to us in the post will likely have a significant delay in being actioned.

The Emergency Out of Hours Service  remains fully operational – it can be accessed outside of working hours by calling 01752 257338 and pressing 0 – PLEASE ensure any calls are for genuine emergencies only such as fire, flood, power outages etc.

Essential safety work such as fire alarm and electrical checks are being carried out as usual by our team.

Contractors are continuing to provide emergency and/or essential services within the buildings. In the event any decide to cease providing services, PBM will seek an alternative until the current crisis is over – fire, health and safety concerns remain a top priority at this difficult time.

Cleaning contractors are under particular pressure and we ask that you assist them by maintaining your distance when they are working in Hebble Wharf – please do everything you can to keep communal areas clean and tidy and avoid any gatherings of more than 2 people at a time in any communal areas and remember to always wash your hands when leaving or entering your apartment.

The cleaning of the lift may be limited due to the enclosed space and high risk of infection – please do all you can to keep the lift clean and tidy and where possible use the stairs.  It is important to prioritise lift access for those who have health needs or disabilities. Lift maintenance companies are still providing emergency support at this time, however we have been advised by several that scheduled routine maintenance where the safety of the lift will not be affect may not proceed until the restrictions on travel have been lifted.

Everything is being done to limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the management of Hebble Wharf – we want you all to be able to focus on the things that really matter during this time and not worry about your building.


Lastly, please look after yourselves and your families – please take every precaution when venturing outside of your apartment and interacting with your fellow residents to ensure the risk of infection is kept to a minimum. Hopefully the current measures will ensure a quick and speedy end to pandemic and we can all return to normal as soon as possible.


Security reminder for Hebble Wharf residents

On Thursday 12 February, Wakefield Police responded to a reported incident at an apartment building close to Hebble Wharf, in which two suspects entered the building and proceeded to cause damage to the door and lock of one apartment in an attempt to gain entry to that apartment.  It is believed that the suspects may have been unwittingly let into the building by other residents.

Wakefield Neighbourhood Watch Team has issued this reminder to anyone living in an apartment building:

If you reside in an apartment block, please do not allow people to tailgate you in or buzz anyone in even if you think you know them.

Security at Hebble Wharf is a shared responsibility; please be prepared to meet any visitors at the front door, and ensure that no-one enters the building through the garage door after you have driven in or out.

Any security concerns should be reported to the Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer (PCSO Diane Winder) at


What’s happening around Hebble Wharf

Wakefield Waterfront Management Company has recently informed us of some work that will be taking place in the spaces and buildings around Hebble Wharf.

Over the coming 2-3 weeks (subject to final confirmation) the grey site office/cabin at the entrance to Navigation Walk – otherwise known as “The Management Suite” –  will be removed. This is part of the plan to give back this area of land now the first phase of the Councils sale of Rutland Mills, adjacent to the site, has been completed

The services in this cabin are being relocated and while no disruption is expected when work starts, the external CCTV cameras will be temporarily out of order. This is due to having to re-cable and re-locate the system into Waterfront Wakefield’s offices at Spectrum Health.

Moving forward, it will be Waterfront Wakefield Management Company who manage and oversee the CCTV system, ensuring the same legislative control and management of it is in place that they use for their own internal CCTV systems, to ensure compliance with GDPR legislation. That includes who and how data is accessed, images viewed, saved and or copied

There may also be a temporary outage of the street lights on site.

Some may have noticed that recent remedial works were undertaken, replacing spent bulbs, reinstating supply to the wall lights by the lock and replacing the vandalised bollards near the lock end. The remaining street light repair will be completed once the flood barrier has been repaired in the coming months

Further updates on matters relating to the site will be issued once services have been restored after the cabin’s removal.

West Yorkshire Community Alert

community alertWest Yorkshire Police has launched a brand new messenger system “West Yorkshire Community Alert” which enables members of the public to keep in touch with local police updates.

Public registration is free and people can choose to receive news and appeals, local crime information and/or prevention advice direct via email, text or voice message.

The system went live on Wednesday, May 1, and a number of authors throughout the Force have already been trained up on how to circulate messages.

Officers and staff are being asked to help promote the service to our local communities, and encourage people to sign up. There will also be a campaign on social media.

To sign up for local updates from your Neighbourhood Policing Team or Neighbourhood Watch contacts, please visit: From that site you can also join a number of specialised community interest groups such as business watch, dog walkers, motorists or crime prevention etc.

Remember, your personal data is absolutely safe, it’s strictly controlled and the system is fully GDPR compliant. We don’t share your email address and other info.  Registration is free and it only takes seconds to sign up.

Reporting security concerns

Representatives of the Association met recently with our local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) to share concerns about security at Hebble Wharf. npt

We have made Police aware of recent incidents of intruders in the refuse store and the electrical room, and unauthorised access to the car park.  Wakefield Police have asked that anyone noticing anything suspicious in or around Hebble Wharf should report it to the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team without delay.

The email address for the local neighbourhood policing team is: Any photographs you may have to support your report should be sent as attachments. It would be helpful if you could also copy your report to the Association at

Meanwhile, the Association is continuing to press for installation of a CCTV security system in the basement of the building. Following discussions with our Managing Agents, quotations have been invited for a suitable system for installation in appropriate locations.