Living at Hebble Wharf

Welcome to Hebble Wharf

We hope that this information will provide you with a great introduction to your apartment. It covers some important information so please take some time to look through it. If at any time you have any questions or need more information please do not hesitate to contact either the Association or the Managing Agent (Plymouth Block Management).

Hebble Wharf Block Management

The freehold owner of the block is G&O Investments Ltd of Kingston, Surrey. Responsibility for managing the building and the collection of service charges from leaseholders is by Managing Agent, Plymouth Block Management Ltd.

Areas around Hebble Wharf

Outside of Hebble Wharf, the surrounding Estate Land (between the canal basin and Rutland Mills) is owned by Waterfront Wakefield Management Ltd – a subsidiary of Spectrum Health – and managed on their behalf by Grant Fieldhouse Ltd.

Grant Fieldhouse is responsible for maintaining the access roads to Hebble Wharf, and for external security and lighting.

Waterways around Hebble Wharf

The canal basin, river frontage and the flood lock are the responsibility of Canal & River Trust who maintain the waterway (including closing the flood gates when river levels are high) and promote the benefits of a wide range of leisure activities along more than 2,000 miles of waterways.