Security reminder for Hebble Wharf residents

On Thursday 12 February, Wakefield Police responded to a reported incident at an apartment building close to Hebble Wharf, in which two suspects entered the building and proceeded to cause damage to the door and lock of one apartment in an attempt to gain entry to that apartment.  It is believed that the suspects may have been unwittingly let into the building by other residents.

Wakefield Neighbourhood Watch Team has issued this reminder to anyone living in an apartment building:

If you reside in an apartment block, please do not allow people to tailgate you in or buzz anyone in even if you think you know them.

Security at Hebble Wharf is a shared responsibility; please be prepared to meet any visitors at the front door, and ensure that no-one enters the building through the garage door after you have driven in or out.

Any security concerns should be reported to the Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer (PCSO Diane Winder) at


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