Welcome to Hebble Wharf Residents & Owners Association

Hebble Wharf Residents & Owners Association exists to represent the interests of residents and apartment owners at Hebble Wharf.

Voting membership of the Association is open to all apartment owners at Hebble Wharf including those owners living elsewhere. Members are entitled to one vote per apartment.

Residents who rent their apartment can become Honorary Members of the Association free of charge and are welcome to attend and speak at any of our meetings. Honorary members do not, however, hold voting rights.

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The Hebble Wharf Residents & Owners Association was established in response to a notification from Freehold Investment Limited, agents acting for Waterfront Wakefield (Hebble Wharf) Limited of the intended sale of the long leasehold of Hebble Wharf, comprising all 58 apartments and the waterfront restaurant.

Freehold Investment Limited did little to assist the process – and despite repeated requests for information on which to base our decision to purchase, nothing substantive was heard before the deadline date on which that decision had to be made. A majority of apartment owners had favoured a collective purchase of the long leasehold, but following legal advice that income from ground rents would be substantially less than we had anticipated, our offer to purchase was subsequently withdrawn.

We now aim to get the Residents & Owners Association formally recognised by our landlord to provide an ongoing voice for those of us who have invested in apartments at Hebble Wharf.