About the Association

Hebble Wharf Residents & Owners Association (“the Association”) exists to represent the interests of apartment owners and residents at Hebble Wharf.

To be most effective, a residents’ association needs to be formally recognised by their landlord – in this case, by the owners (or head leaseholders) of the Hebble Wharf block. By law, landlords must ‘recognise’ and consult with residents associations.  To that end, we have adopted a constitution that complies with the conditions required to achieve formal recognition status, as set out by the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA).

The conditions for formal recognition status were met in full before the sale of the headlease and freehold on Hebble Wharf in 2019, with both passing to G&O Investments Ltd. of Kingston, Surrey. Through their appointed Managing Agents (Plymouth Block Management Ltd) the new head leaseholder has confirmed their formal recognition of the Association.

With leases on 14 of the 58 apartments held by a third party, subsequent sale of those apartments is subject to different terms and conditions from the remaining 44.  The Association aims to represent and balance the interests of all apartment owners and residents.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • To represent the interests of apartment owners living at Hebble Wharf or managing their apartment in the block;
  • To preserve and improve amenities for residents and apartment owners ;
  • To work in partnership with the Management Agent to achieve our aims, and
  • To represent the interests of residents and owners in consultation with the Management Agent and other bodies.

The Association aims to be non-party political and non-sectarian.

Who can become a member of the Association?

Full voting membership of the Association is open to all apartment owners living at Hebble Wharf and to apartment owners (leaseholders and sub-leaseholders) who may live elsewhere. Full membership provides one vote per apartment in any decisions that may require a vote.

To apply for full membership please complete an on-line application form which will be forwarded to the Chair and Treasurer.

Owners of more than one apartment may hold a maximum of two votes, to ensure a balance of representation.  The Association wants to involve everyone in the block and will actively encourage people to give their views and get involved in meetings and events.

There is an annual subscription of £10 for voting membership, and membership will cease if the annual subscription remains unpaid after a reasonable period. Subscriptions will be renewable annually, following the AGM.

If you live at Hebble Wharf but are not an apartment owner, you are eligible to become an honorary member, for which there is no subscription payable. Honorary members are entitled to attend and speak at Association meetings, but do not have voting rights. We hope that many tenants will become honorary members and join us at our general meetings and any planned events.  Tenants wishing to join the Association can email us at hebblewharfresidents@gmail.com

Management Committee

The Association is run by a Management Committee elected initially at a Special General Meeting and subsequently at each Annual General Meeting.

The Committee is made up of Officers, including a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and ordinary members, representing both owners and residents. Honorary Members are non-voting members co-opted by the Committee.

The following people were appointed to the Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting on 14th September 2022:

            Chair                                    Martin Winham (Apartment owner)  

            Vice Chair                            Howard Dodgson (Resident & apartment owner)

            Treasurer                              Andrew Wright (Apartment owner)                                   

            Secretary                              John Hodgkins (Apartment owner)  

            Committee Member            Imran Chouglay (Resident & apartment owner)

            Committee Member            Paul Hope (Resident & apartment owner) 

            Committee Member            Patrick Morgan (Resident & apartment owner)

>>     >Committee Member            Russ Moran (Apartment owner)

             Committee Member            Ray Monkhouse (Apartment owner)

             Committee Member            David Roebuck (Resident & apartment owner)

………..    Honorary Member              Elaine Henry (Resident)

This website is managed by John Hodgkins, who can be contacted via the Association’s email address at hebblewharfresidents@gmail.com

Meetings of the Association

The business of the Association will be conducted at General Meetings, which will be open to all residents and to apartment owners.

The Association will publicise general meetings and events to all residents in the Hebble Wharf block in order to involve all members and hear their views.

All members of the Association will be entitled to speak and vote at General Meetings.


The Constitution of Hebble Wharf Residents and Owners Association can be downloaded here.

Data Protection Policy

A copy of the Association’s Data Protection Policy can be downloaded here.