Residents and Tenants

The lease on Hebble Wharf contains various covenants and regulations that apply to all leaseholders, residents and tenants in respect of the use and care of the apartments and communal areas, which are:

  • Intended to enable residents to co-exist with their neighbours as comfortably, safely and harmoniously as practicable
  • Intended to maintain the integrity and general upkeep of the apartments, the building and amenity areas
  • Enforceable by the landlord

The Block Landlord and Managing Agent may at any time impose and vary reasonable regulations in the interests of good building management.

The following are some of the obligations that are designed to help achieve these objectives and which all residents need to be aware of and are required to observe. These obligations apply equally to resident apartment owners and to tenants living in rented apartments.

Residents’ Responsibilities

Use and care of apartment

  1. Not to use the apartment or or any communal area for any illegal or immoral purpose or for any trade, business or occupation. The apartment is to be used only as a private residence
  2. Not to display any board, placard or notice relating to the sale or letting of the apartment upon the apartment
  3. Not to allow anything to be fixed or exhibited on any part of the exterior of the apartment so as to be visible from the exterior (including any placard, poster, signage or other advertisement) unless previously approved in writing by the Landlord
  4. Not to keep any petrol, oil or other combustible, dangerous or offensive substances or goods in the apartment (or in any of the communal areas, including the car park) except as may be necessary in connection with the reasonable occupation of the apartment
  5. Not to do anything in the apartment which may be or become a nuisance, damage or disturbance, danger or annoyance to the Landlord or the owners, tenants or occupiers of the nearby premises
  6. Not to allow any auction to be held in the apartment
  7. Not to use any electrical device which has not an effective suppressor fitted to it.
  8. Not to make any noise audible outside the apartment whether by wireless, television, musical instruments, singing or otherwise at any time
  9. Not to erect any aerial, mast, satellite dish or other apparatus on any part of the exterior of the building
  10. Any balcony serving the apartment must not be used for the purpose of hanging or drying clothes, linen or other articles of personal domestic use, and no mats, rugs or other articles are to be shaken or beaten outside the apartment or on a balcony.
  11. The appearance of all windows of the apartment is to be kept tidy at all times and the inside surfaces of windows are to be cleaned at least once a month.
  12. Residents are also responsible for cleaning the outside surfaces of balcony doors (including Juliet balconies) and the inward facing surfaces of glass-fronted balconies.
  13. Not to bring or keep in the apartment anything which in the opinion of the Landlord is or may become unclean, unsightly or detrimental to the apartment or to the building
  14. Not to install any machinery on the apartment other than ordinary domestic appliances, nor use any part of the ceiling of the apartment in such manner as to subject it to any strain beyond that which it is designed to bear or likewise to overload any floor area of the apartment
  15. Not to allow any dog or other animal or reptile to be kept in the apartment (other than small caged domestic animals or fish in a fish tank) except with the prior written consent of the Block Landlord which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The Landlord reserves the right to revoke that permission and to remove such dog, other animal or reptile upon the revocation or withdrawal of such consent.

Alterations to the apartment

  1. Not to alter the apartment (including the entrance door) externally, modify or damage any structural part or erect any further building or addition upon the apartment or any external projection without the prior written consent of the landlord,
  2. Not to make any alterations in the design or elevation of the apartment or alter any of the Landlord’s fixtures, fittings and appliances
  3. Not to interfere with or remove the flooring of the apartment without replacing it with like flooring with the same or higher specification of noise insulation.

Use of communal areas

  1. No personal items (including any rubbish) is to be placed in the communal areas. Suitably wrapped household waste is to be placed in the bins in the designated refuse store.
  2. The communal areas and outside parts of the building must not be used for the purpose of hanging or drying clothes, linen or other articles of personal domestic use
  3. No parcels, packages, bicycles, perambulators or other items are to be left in the communal areas.
  4. Do not do anything which may render the insurance of the building void, or result in an increased premium being payable.
  5. Do not interfere in any way with the fire prevention systems fitted to the building
  6. Do not allow oil, grease or other deleterious matter or substance to enter the drains, sewers, gutters or pipes, or block them in any way.
  7. No decoration, repair or maintenance is to be carried out on the exterior of the building (including any balcony)
  8. No barbeques are to be used on any balcony, patio, or any external communal area without the prior consent of the landlord
  9. The lift must not be used for any purpose other than as access to and egress from the apartment by the resident and any authorised person.
  10. The lift may be used to transport items of furniture to and from the apartment subject to the following conditions:
    – the maximum load of the lift must not be exceeded
    – the lift doors must not be blocked or forced open by artificial means or force
    – the resident will be liable for the cost of repairs for any damage caused to the lift during the removal of such items
  11. Do not cause any nuisance or annoyance to other residents
  12. Do not allow any dog or other animal to foul any part of the building, or any of the roads, footpaths or other parts of the Estate
  13. Do not carry out any repairs or vehicle maintenance to any vehicle in the car park or within the Estate
  14. Do not block any fire escape or use any fire escape for any purpose other than an emergency exit
  15. To report all lost or damaged keys or other security devices to the managing agent and to pay to the managing agent the cost of replacement of any lost or damaged keys or other similar device

Information for Residents

Smoke and Fire alarms

The smoke alarms in your apartment each require a 9v battery and are linked to each other, so if an alarm is triggered in one room it will also set off the alarms in other rooms. It will NOT however trigger the fire alarms in the corridor outside your apartment unless smoke enters the corridor. The alarm in your kitchen is a combined heat and smoke detector.

In the event of a fire in your apartment, shut all doors and windows and ensure that everyone is out of the apartment. Do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself; make your way by the nearest emergency escape route to a place of safety. Do not use the lift or any balcony as an escape route. Call the emergency services on 999 and ask for the Fire Service. Give the operator the telephone number you are calling from and the full address of the incident, and don’t hang up until the Fire Service has repeated the address back to you.

If asked, the ‘what3words’ location of Hebble Wharf’s main entrance is jazz.stops.alone

If the building’s fire alarm system is activated, fire doors on each corridor will close and windows near the stairs will open automatically to help dissipate any smoke. Residents should leave the building calmly and not return until the Fire Service has declared it safe to do so. Make sure that someone has called 999, as the alarm does not automatically alert the Fire Service.

Refuse and Recycling

No items other than household waste and recycling are to be left in the refuse store. For your personal security, the refuse store is secured by a codelock and covered by CCTV, but residents should ensure that they remove any personal identity information from documents or packaging before it is placed in the refuse store.

Recycling is encouraged throughout Wakefield district and residents are required to separate waste products e.g. glass, cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard etc. into the respective bins in the refuse store.

Residents must not leave any bulky items (e.g. furniture, mattresses, electrical appliances etc) in the refuse storage or any communal area. If you wish to dispose of such items, please contact the Managing Agent for guidance, or alternatively disposal arrangements can be made with the local authority. Residents will be responsible for any additional charges levied for the collection of bulky items or electronic equipment left in the refuse store or elsewhere, including items left when you are vacating the apartment.

Electricity Meters

Your electricity meter is located in a locked area to which access is limited so as to ensure security and fire protection is maintained. Meter readings are available to residents through the Association, with meter readings normally taken on Tuesdays and Fridays, though other arrangements can be made for residents who are moving out of their apartment.

Water Meters and Stop Taps

Your water meter is located in a locked service cupboard outside your apartment. Access to this cupboard is limited in order to ensure integrity of fire protection. There is a stop valve for your water supply in your apartment; this is located close to your hot water tank. If this valve is difficult to reach, or does not fully turn off your water supply, the supply can be turned off at the water meter.

If you need to turn off your water supply at the meter, email us at and we can arrange to unlock the cupboard for you. In an emergency, you should contact the Managing Agent to obtain the access code for a key to open the cupboard. The Association can arrange for a Water Meter reading for you. (process is the same as for Electricity Meter Readings).

Hot Water Supply

Your hot water cylinder is located in a cupboard in the hallway of your apartment. Each hot water cylinder has two heating elements – one at the bottom for heating the whole tank and one halfway up for heating half a tank. Although both may be used simultaneously, this is likely to increase your electricity consumption and it is recommended that you only switch on one heater at a time. The half-tank heater should provide adequate hot water for one shower and other uses. For more information check out our ‘Problem Solving’ page.