Resident Newsletters

Whether you rent your apartment at Hebble Wharf or own it, the Association aims to keep you informed of any relevant news that might be of interest to you.    We plan to publish Resident Newsletters at regular intervals with a collection of news, updates and helpful tips for Hebble residents.  The past year has shown all of us the importance of community, so we are hoping to build on this by keeping you up to date with the work done by the association as well as the changes going on in and around the block.

Resident Newsletter Issue 1 – February 2021

Most news items will appear on this website – but some will not – and to ensure you don’t miss out on anything that could be important to you, please email the Secretary with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your apartment number
  • Your apartment postcode (just so we know it’s a genuine request)
  • Your contact telephone number

For your privacy, messages will be sent to you personally, and we will not publish the full list of email addresses. You won’t therefore be able to “reply all” to any message. If more than one person at your address wishes to join the email group, please register each name separately.

If someone at your address (or the apartment owner) is a Member of the Association, we will be happy to circulate messages (including “small ads” with items for sale etc)  to other members of this email group – normally within 24 hours of receipt.  If requested, we can also send the message to Hebble Wharf apartment owners living elsewhere.

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