Reporting security concerns

Representatives of the Association met recently with our local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) to share concerns about security at Hebble Wharf. npt

We have made Police aware of recent incidents of intruders in the refuse store and the electrical room, and unauthorised access to the car park.  Wakefield Police have asked that anyone noticing anything suspicious in or around Hebble Wharf should report it to the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team without delay.

The email address for the local neighbourhood policing team is: Any photographs you may have to support your report should be sent as attachments. It would be helpful if you could also copy your report to the Association at

Meanwhile, the Association is continuing to press for installation of a CCTV security system in the basement of the building. Following discussions with our Managing Agents, quotations have been invited for a suitable system for installation in appropriate locations.



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