Disposal of Head Lease on Hebble Wharf

As a leaseholder of one or more apartments at Hebble Wharf, you will have received notification from DWFM Solicitors of the Landlord’s intention to dispose of the Head Lease Interest in Hebble Wharf.  The Landlord is obliged to to offer first refusal to purchase the Long Leasehold to the tenants (leaseholders) of flats within the building.

To assist the Association in determining its direction on this matter, please confirm by 21st May 2018 whether or not you would wish to participate in the option to collectively purchase the Head Lease on Hebble Wharf.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this response.

A summary of responses received by 21 May will be circulated ahead of the Annual General Meeting, with no personal or identifiable information included. Your personal responses will only be made known to committee members of the Association.