Problem solving…

Need a new lock for your mailbox?

Mailbox locks can be easily replaced if they work loose or fall out. If you rent your apartment, tell your landlord.

Replacement locks are available from Calder Security Ltd., Unit 2B, Roundwood Industrial Estate, Wakefield, WF5 9SQ. (off the Dewsbury Road, just before the M1 junction).  Cost is around £10-15.

No hot water?

The timeswitch for your water heater is in your main electric panel, recognisable by a T80-C-1small “window” on the front of the unit, through which you should see a LED display. If the display is blank, it could mean the internal battery has died – they all do eventually – and you won’t get any hot water.  This is more likely to happen if your apartment has been empty and the power turned off for some time.  You can test it by lifting up the front panel of the switch (it’s hinged at the top) and pressing the “reset” button with a pen or pencil. If it’s working, the default settings will appear within a few seconds. If it’s not, or if the display goes blank again, then you’ll need a new timeswitch. If you rent your apartment, tell your landlord.

The timeswitch is made by Greenbrook, Model No. T80-C. Most electrical wholesalers stock them, including Jack Hinton Electrical in Flanshaw Way and Edmundson Electrical in Tadman Street.  Cost will be between £20-30+vat. User instructions can be found here . If in doubt, ask a qualified electrician to fit it.

Hot or buzzing switches in your electric panel?

CaptureThe contactors (switches) for your electric heating circuits are liable to overheat if they have been fitted alongside each other without spacers in between. It appears this is how they were installed from new in most apartments. Contactors that have overheated may also make a loud humming or buzzing sound. If they do, they will need replacing. If you rent your apartment, tell your landlord.

The contactors are Hager ESC225 and are available from Edmundson Electrical for about £20+vat each.  Ask a qualified electrican to fit them – and make sure they fit Heat Dissipation Inserts (spacers) between them – and between the contactor and the hot water timeswitch. These inserts will cost around £3 each.