Car Parking at Hebble Wharf

Car parking at Hebble Wharf is limited to one space per apartment, for 49 out of the 58 apartments. For the remaining 9, there is NO on-site parking.

Car Park spaces are leased individually to apartment owners and are not transferable between apartments. Residents are encouraged to mark their space with a notice showing the registration number of your vehicle – but (for security reasons) do not include your apartment number on any notice.

It should be noted that the space inside the entrance (originally designated a disabled person’s parking space) is no longer available as such, as the former owner of Hebble Wharf sold the lease on that bay and it is now privately owned and allocated as Bay 49. The Association has raised concern about the lack of a disabled person’s parking space with the Managing Agents, as this was understood to be a condition of planning approval when the block was built.

Outside of Hebble Wharf, there is no authorised parking for residents or visitors. The space outside the front door of the building is reserved for emergency vehicles, though it is also used for deliveries. Other parking spaces in the development are allocated to individual businesses in the various office buildings, under the control of the Estate owners, Waterfront Wakefield Management Ltd. Unauthorised parking anywhere around Hebble Wharf is likely to result in a parking penalty notice being issued.

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Additional car parking for residents and visitors is available in the Waterfront Car Park on Barnsley Road, on the other side of the canal from Hebble Wharf. This is a Pay-and-Display Car Park operated by Wakefield Council, and all-day car parking here costs £2.50. Parking is free after 6pm and all day on Sundays. Parking Bays nearest Hebble Wharf (marked with RED lines) are reserved for contractors and staff at Rutland Mills. All other spaces are available for public use. Note that the footbridge linking to the car park is currently out of use, so pedestrian access is via Barnsley Road.

Wakefield Council offer Parking Permits for Waterfront Car Park for periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. The price of an annual permit (valid Mondays to Saturdays) is £734 – equivalent to around £2.36 a day. Details of permit prices, and how to obtain a permit, can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Car Parking at Hebble Wharf

  1. Hi John The car park wants marking out again with the numbers on the floor as prevoiustime People should give their registration to the car parking space as people are ignoring the notices on the wall and are parking in anyones space making it a potential for the right owners of the space to park outside and get a parking ticket which is totally unfair Something more positive needs to be done to avoid this potential


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  2. Giving a registration doesn’t work for me as I change cars nearly every month.
    Everyone should be allocated a parking badge/sticker to put on the screen in their car that indicates the parking bay number.
    This would then show people parking in the wrong spot. Also the car park should be patrolled to issue fines. I’d also like a towing company to be allocated so a car can be removed if notes are ignored. I’m fed up of people using which ever bay they wish.


  3. Hi john,
    I have a lot of arrears notices from Plymouth Management!
    I can’t really make sense of them, especially charges for the car parking,! I don’t recall paying for car parking before.!
    Would love some advice.


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